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Jazz Workshop

Ages 14-18 | Improvisation

Class Times:

Every Saturday 12pm - 2pm


Lake Helen Methodist Church

121 W Delaware Ave, Lake Helen FL, 32744

The Unity Performing Arts Jazz Workshop is a class that focuses on small group jazz works for students age 14-18. These students will focus on the primary elements of jazz combo playing: improvisation, memorization, listening, and team building skills.

This will be done through weekly sessions with coaching by Director Simon Jones, in addition to monthly attendances of Unity hosted "Jazz Jam" events designed for students to learn live performance skills and band etiquette.

By the end of the program, students will be able to identify basic song and chord structures, be able to play and solo over ten songs, learn basic song arranging methods, learn about recording practices and be able to form and lead a small group as a band leader.

Meet the Instructor

Director Simon Jones performing with trombone

Simon Jones

Director of Jazz Studies | Trombone

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