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Unity Chamber Winds

Unity Chamber Winds focuses on providing intermediate and advanced woodwind and brass players ages 13-18 opportunities to learn and grow with the help of our experienced instructors in an intensive chamber music setting. Our mission is to provide a space that like-minded performing arts students can connect together and be challenged to excel. 


Our program is open to students interested in participating in a clarinet choir, woodwind quintet, or brass quintet, and will focus on chamber repertoire and opportunities for performance.

The program will run for five rehearsals and a performance from January 20th through March 3rd. The deadline to register is Friday January 5th. Rehearsals are on weekend days spanning this time frame; see the list below for the times and locations of activities.

*Updated* Dates and Times:

January 12, 2024 : Last Day of Sign-Ups

January 15, 2024 : Auditions Due : Submit at

January 20, 2024 : DeLand Middle School : Class 12pm-2pm

February 3, 2024 : DeLand Middle School : Class 12pm-2pm

February 11, 2024 : DeLand Middle School : Class 2pm-4pm

February 24, 2024 : DeLand Middle School : Class 12pm-2pm

March 2, 2024 : DeLand High School : Dress Rehearsal TBD

March 3, 2024 : DeLand High School : Performance TBD


DeLand Middle School

1400 Aquarius Ave, DeLand, FL 32724

DeLand High School

800 N Hill Ave, DeLand, FL 32724

or if you have any questions contact us at:

Meet the Instructors

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